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Friday, September 21, 2012

Three preliminary steps to finding "peace of mind"

Each being in this world , only desires one thing - "Happiness". He tries and tries multiple ways to achieve the simple little things in life. And happiness does come, but goes away soon. Thus the effort for achieving "something" begins once again !!!  This is a never ending process.  

This race with self, time and the world can be understood in technical language as 
 "self actualization".    Some people know it as "Nirvana"

And every being, somewhere deep inside, drives for  it. Even if they are not specifically aware of it.

This is an effort to grow and motivate  others grow...grow Together.

To COGNIZE  is to perceive, become conscious, grow - check it on

Preliminary Steps for finding 

peace of mind  (and Hence, the goals of this place) :

- To "think" , think and think
Choosing to think and ponder over issues means that one has chosen not to ignore them. If one chooses to deliberately think about things, in the end, they will always find the "true" answer to the questions and issues at hand.

- To "question" our own beliefs and that which are widespread in the society.

   To simply accept what is going on around oneself and inside oneself is not like a "growing person". Beliefs are formed  due to many factors. It is a sign of a "mature mind" that  they learn to question their own beliefs again and again.

Because, what was true yesterday in a given situation might not be true today, the situations might have changed. The goal is to be skeptical of everything and accept them only after inspection.

To keep up with the "law of change" one has to keep questioning belief systems.

- To "analyze"  life and every aspect that touches it.

    Thinking about and questioning all aspects of life is a part of analysis. However to complete the process in a proper manner one has to be able to do it in an "Un-Biased" manner. Being unbiased, truthful and honest to self is very important in this search for the reality, the truth.

Therefore , in the midst of a busy, stressful life to find a way for  "Self realization".

Remember, these are the very basic and preliminary steps to finding peace. If you follow these steps, at first you might be facing trouble, but at the end of the road, you WILL find peace, provided, you are prepared to walk till the very end. There are no gains without pains  :)

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