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Monday, June 22, 2009

The World is Not Fair

Wife heard the groaning of you her husband being murdered,
Locked up in her own house, helpless and miserable.
Asks WHY ME? What have I done?
The world is not fair.
A sister shed endless number of tears on her brother’s murder
The young brother who wanted to make his living, in Mumbai.
As if the loss was not enough!
It had to be covered by the noise of some brave men “A Mafia was killed”.
She asks WHY ME? What have I done?
The world is not fair।

Parents wondering why “our” Son had to be murdered
And not just murdered but his body (Our Body) cut into several Pieces
Like some kind of packaged food.
They Ask, WHY US? What have we done?
The world is not fair
A mother thinks why they snatched away six year old daughter from me
Just to cut her into two half’s, in the name of religion?
Which religion does not have the concepts of love and parenthood?
I saw a poor innocent animal being brutally murdered by people,
Not once, but several times….in the form of a bear, a Leopard, An Elephant,
And everyday, for some luxurious Taste,
Sometimes dying hungry and thirsty just because the people getting paid to care for them,
Are too sleepy to wake up.
And As it all comes in front of my eyes,
I wake up from the deepest of my sleep.
Wondering………crying and feeling helpless once again!
The same rounds of questions run through my mind…..
What am I doing here?
I am so joyous and jovial with the thoughts of my nearing marriage…
Contented like never before……….
I am as lost in happy thoughts of love.
Like any other girl (or boy) would be………
I Got what I always needed to support my life,
I feel the beauty of being in love……
I fantasize and plan my future bliss….
With the one who means the world to me.
But I have a dilemma here,
How do I go for my honeymoon with a smile on my face, when I know,
Someone somewhere needs my help !!
Just because it was Not ME who suffered?
Or just because everything in My Life is going better than ever?
I know I cannot do much for those who have suffered,
And those who will…
So why am I here on earth?
To Feel this torture everyday?
And simply feel it and keep feeling it?
For the first time I confess,
I was better as an innocent child,
Who did not understand the complexities of this world…..
Probably at that time I had pains of own life that seemed big……..
They have ended; but these won’t!
I know there are pleasures,
I know there are Joys too,
I know some of my countrymen have made recent breakthroughs….
I know I have “good” human counterparts....
I know they think and feel like me…
But that does not answer my question,
Neither does it reduce the pain…..
If I cannot “Prevent” the brutality…….
And if I cannot have a hearty laughter either…
I am wondering….
How do I close my eyes and ears to all of it?
What is it that I am here for?

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  1. You should also add the FOLLOW ME feature that blogger blogs have :)

  2. Thanks for your suggestion... I Have now allowed the follow me feature on the blog :)

  3. There is no need to close your eyes and ears. Just learn to live your life and treat everyday as same, indulge both joy and sorrow equaly.


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