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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How these kids helped another "kid" in need...

I got these pictures through a friend, worth having a look J

Don't we want every child that we come accross , to be
as sensitive and as humane as these adorable kids ? J

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  1. This is so scary and so sweet!! Did you take the pictures?? What brave and kind kids!!!! God bless them!

  2. Yes, we want everyone to be like these kids. Not limited to only children. Every human being should be of such nature.

  3. Thank you Aswani and IHM for your inputs :)

  4. NO, IHM these pictures have not been taken by me, as I said I got them through a friend and couldn't wait to share it with others :)

  5. Very great work being done by these lovely kids.
    And the best thing is the cameraman clicked the right thing at right time.
    I hope the camera person also helped them at this great task.
    Love to those lovely kids :-)

  6. @ Rahul Shende ...... thanks for your comments Rahul :)

  7. Great capture!!!
    A loud example of team work. We always consider animals like dog as our best friend! this friendship should not be one sided.
    the Kids in post have proved that we also have the ability to be a true friend.

    Great post!

  8. Came here thanks to IHM... wow, what wonderful kids... hugs to them and to the pup that got saved. yayy! here's to more such kids and people..


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