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Thursday, February 18, 2010

How many of us humans would dare to do this ?

I am posting this article to my blog after a long gap.  But this post has been to my mind for quite some time. This is something that I could not and did not want to forget or take for granted. As I was reading the newspaper one day, I came across this news in a tiny section of the news paper. This was in Chandigarh, when a shanty caught fire. There were two kids in the shanty and the pet dog who was in fact tied up with a leash. It seems there were also two other older kids who managed to flee that burning shanty. As the dog realized the danger to his master's two kids, he jumped into the burning shanty to save them. He succeeded in dragging the kids out of the shanty but unfortunately, the kids couldn't be saved later in the hospital !! This poor baby too got hurt in the whole process.

The stories of animal loyalty towards human begins are not new...we have heard a lot of them many times. This one being the newest and the also one of the most dramatic. I mean he even risked his life !! ?  

The questions that came to my mind were:
  •  How many of us human beings would really have the intention and/or courage to do that ? 
  • And, Do we give them their share of respect and dignity in return ?

Readers who would like to  check this story online can do it Here.

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  1. Something more often seen in movies but truly a food for thought. When it comes to loyalty, we human beings are far behind these innocent looking creatures. I think it should happen otherwise, these animals should be training us rather than we training them.Isn't it? btw, nice questions. I feel we human beings do not have that much courage to do all these. We can do these things only in movies and TV programs. And please do not talk about this respect and dignity..this has vanished from out culture. Should not waste time on these things..I believe so..

  2. Thanks for blogging about this Niharika! I did not even know about this incidence.

    I know of a woman in Pune (through a mutual friend) in her 50s, who has alone at home with her two dogs when her driver got into her house from her balcony, he wanted to strangle her with his 'gamcha' (cotton scarf) but the dogs attacked him and bit him in his legs and hands ferociously, giving the woman a chance to bite into his elbow (breaking her front two teeth) but letting her escape into her room and lock herself in and call the police for help.
    The dogs were hurt too, but there is no doubt that if it was not for her two babies (she calls them that) she would have been yet another woman killed by her household help in her own house.

  3. Thank you for your comment IHM :)

    Yeah there are so many instances of the pet having helped their family members even in grave situations like these ! I think we can trust the animals even more than most human beings... they are only limited by their capabilities sometimes :)

  4. Thanks for sharing a touching story, I wish there was a happy ending.
    I guess it takes a real test to know ourself - how courageous or coward we are, when the crisis hits.
    Regardless, one thing is for sure: you are caring person with care and kindness for animals and humans alike. For that, I salute you.
    Keep sharing!


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