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Sunday, October 24, 2010

I am missing India !

American Junk Food
Indian Junk Food
It has been five months since I came to USA and now I am missing India like anything. May be other people who are away from their respective countries also feel the same ? That is why I  thought of expressing myself here on my blog. I was born in Mumbai and brought up over there itself. India is a big and a diverse country. I was lucky enough to have traveled many places in India with my parents over all these years. Travel being one of my hobbies I now miss the beautiful places that I saw in India.There is yet much to see and experience for me in America. But the way in which both places are beautiful is different I guess. Also, it is not easy to adjust in a country other than the one where one is born and lived all their life.Before I left India in June 2010,  I was very excited to come to the US. This was only the second time I was going to get to see another country (first one being Nepal which was geographically and culturally very close to India). I was also somewhat afraid of getting a culture shock which I never suffered ultimately  :)
Though the list is long I am trying to present a compressed one here (this list is of course besides the family and friends) :

What I miss about India :

1. Places of tourist interest, the Indian hill stations, mountains and rivers particularly of north India.

2. Eating the Indian chaat (Indian junk food) like paani puri, ragda, samosa and bhel....ooohhhhh !! (I knew I am going to miss it so I had lots of it before I left India)

3. The Indian railways which I extensively used to travel around India. (including the suburban rail of Mumbai minus the crowd).  :)

4. The monsoon of Mumbai.

5. My lovely stray babies in India whom I could have helped if I was there.

What I love about USA :

1. The dignity of labor

2. The polite nature of most Americans.

3. The freedom in this culture.

4. Equality.

5. The organisation in every place that I see around.

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  1. Mmmm... Couldn't believe that a nostalgic post like this one could be so mouth-watering, too... Bhookh lagwa di, aapne, Niharika! ;-))

  2. thanks for the comment Mr. Vashishta :)

  3. Well, having been in Pune from last 3 years, I can understand it all. I have been missing my home but now I am quite used to it. Slowly but surely, you too will get used to it but yes, I agree...Ghar to aakhir Ghar hi hota hain. You cannot have the same feeling at both places..kuch to khona hi parega. Anyways, US too is great!! Kaash main bhi kisi din...

  4. @Aswani you are right, we may enjoy the other place too for many reasons but there is no other place like home...You are most welcome anytime. Now I can relate with your feelings better :)

  5. hello dear i just loved your recent posts on both blogs but could not locate the comment box on the second one ,thanks for your kind visit and beautiful words on my blog .

    i still miss my village even its been seventeen years i moved here after marriage ,

    take care god bless u dear

  6. @ baili, Yes I can understand Baili the place where you spent your early days of life become very close to heart. :)
    The other blog are you talking of the "about me" section of this blog ? You comment there just like you comment over here. Let me know. and thanks for your wishes..

  7. Home is home....But yes the points u mentioned about US are worth emulating...enjoy the best of both worlds!

  8. Thanks for your comments and your visit to my site, you have a lovely blog too. Happy blogging

  9. I am home sick.... and i know it very well.

  10. Hi tool sets, thanks for the comment.

  11. Loved the balanced post.You didn't ignore what we can learn from the US while you are missing your country and it's undeniably delectable junk food.

  12. i guess in the end it means "Janani Janma-bhoomishcha, swargadapi, gariyasi"

    first time in your blog... nice read.. :)

  13. i hope you are doing great dear .

    you got beautiful blog here ,thanks for lovely sharing and
    thank you so much for kind visit and words have a wonderful life
    god bless

  14. @ Adi, thanks so muc for your presence and comment. :) please keep visiting from time to time.

    @Baili Yes dear :)

  15. hi, I am from Indonesia. I've read about Longing to India. State itself was more beautiful than any other country. any shortcomings, you were born from the Indian state. May you have happiness in America.

  16. Hi story song, it was very nice to receive your comment on my two of blog posts :)
    I loved the soothing Indonesian song that I heard on my blog :)

  17. hi merry Christmas to you too ,and wishing you very very best of luck for each dream in life ,
    take care

  18. hi hope all is well in your beautiful world ,

    thanks for kind visit and words dear
    looking forward for next update ,
    have a wonderful day god bless


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