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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mothers Who Were Never Pregnant !!

The word I like to utter again and again and again non stop is "mummy" or "mommy" . This word by itself is very sweet. I think most of you will agree with me ?

What makes the word so sweet.. the sound of it ? I think it is the feeling that the word gives us just as we utter it that makes it so beautiful. The feeling of being cozy, being in a very safe place - her laps, being loved and kissed endlessly :) Who will not like to be cared like this ? Without doubt nobody on earth can replace mothers :)

But who is a mother ? The woman who gives birth to a child ? I think there is more meaning to this word. I have seen many people working tirelessly towards fulfilling needs of others who were not necessarily born to them. Many a times it is as selfless and unconditional too. So what if they have not given birth to the one they care for, I think it is motherly love and care that matters the most. Sadly, many times society does fail to realize the importance of many such people living in their very neighborhoods. I think, They need to be respected and loved just like a mother is respected and loved. In fact, I think most of you will agree that this kind of motherhood is much more difficult. Consider how easy or difficult it is it to be around a very ill person (who is not your biological child) and is bedridden for a few days and needs someone to be there with them ?

Social workers - Who are not working for money, contribute their psychological and physical resources to taking care of any particular given group. Yes, sometimes altruism is not the sole motivating factor for some, but why should the rest be punished ?Many social workers actually undergo tremendous pain in life for the work that they do for the needy . Yet sometimes fail to get recognized for their sacrifices and selfless motives !! I think recognition of their efforts is very important for the benefit of the society.

In fact many cultures like Christianity and Hinduism even have words like "Mata" (means mother in Hindi) and "Mother" referring to non biological mothers.Well, The first name that comes to my mind is Mother Teressa.

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  1. Wow...what an article. I just loved it. Lovely and be honest. Mother is the most beautiful doubt. And I agree, it is not only if she gives birth to anyone but it is so also because of any women being involved in noble deeds and relentless sacrifices, is worthy to be called as "MOTHER"

  2. @Aawani thanks Aswani, and hat about poor men ? :)

  3. @Ana Hello Ana ji, it is nice to see your comment here.. please keep visiting :)

  4. @Niharika - Poor Men....hello, why you call them poor :P:P

  5. @poor men because you said you referred to only women in your first comment so I meant to ask you do men not deserve the same respect when they do the same job :)

  6. Very nice post on what a mother really is. It is true society really fails to see all those that are doing jobs like mothers and never give them credit.

    I worked for 5 years several years ago (not anymore) as a Nanny taking care and teaching small children from babies up into preteens.

    I spent more time and had more conversations and did more for those children than their biological mother since she was a Professional and spent all her time away from the children.

    I remember at the last job as a Nanny, the baby whom I had taken care when I left was two years old. The little boy wasn't even sure who his real mother was. I was the one that saw his first smile, heard his first word, gave him hugs and kisses throughout the day.

    It broke my heart to see his crying face, I had so much love for that child as if he was my own and he did to for he cried like his own mother was leaving him.

    But his real mother was there, and eventually He had to get used to her.

    So your article really touched my heart, for even though I have no children of my own I can proudly say I have been a mother and know what it is to love children.

  7. Hi Glenda, I am so happy that you shared your story over here with me and the other readers too. Congratulations to you on being a good mother for the child who was not even born to you.Yes, I can only imagine the pain the seperation must have caused to you and the child... but I am sure it also gave a good experience, to treasure all your life.

    In India we have a belief that the mother who brings up the child has made greater sacrifices than the mother who gave birth to him/her :)

    All the best !

  8. @romeo, thanks for the comment !

  9. I agree, motherhood has as much to do with the feelings as with giving birth. Unfortunately although we pay a lot of lip service to mothers and motherhood, we don't really respect motherhood.

    Mothers often don't even have any decision making rights on their young children or their own bodies and lives. Also in India motherhood is revered only when there are male babies.

    Thankfully we do appreciate the efforts of mothers who give more meaning to the word by being mothers like Mother Teresa.

  10. Mother is the most beautiful word in the world. but many children who like to hurt a mother who has given birth. Children like this do not understand that the love of a mother for the rest of his life. Mother is a beautiful word, I agree with your posts on this blog. greeting

  11. @ Indian Home maker, I agree with you ..very thoughtful indeed !
    @Story song thanks for your comment once again


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