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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Attack On Mumbai

Many families who were already suffering in the pains of having lost their loved ones by brutal murder in the name of religion are now joined by some more !!! How helpless do we feel in such situations.I am referring to the terror attack on Mumbai on July 13, 2011. Three blasts took place all within about 10 minutes and in very crowded and important places of Mumbai - Opera house, Dadar west and Zhaveri bazaar. 

It takes years to construct  but only a few seconds to destruct ! Sometimes I wonder at the variety of Human Psyche. There are some who go beyond everything to keep Humanity alive, others just live to earn money not necessarily being bothered by other's pains. But there has to be some "brain Virus" that some actually feel content after killing the people innocent and unknown. Whatever the mission is, is it greater than the Conscience ? Some people have a highly awakened conscience, some can have  an idle conscience but these guys seem to have no conscience !!

With time though at least some things have changed for the good. Now with the advent of technology and with increased reach to it, people are finding new ways of helping each other in times of crisis. 

I came to know that this time people used social networking site "Twitter" to help those in dire need of it.From passing emergency contact information to. posting  urgent messages like "B positive blood required at so and so hospital". I got to know about this news from an Indian news channel called  "CNN IBN". But it not just CNN IBN that reported this but also other major channels like Star news , The times of India .

This was an emergency situation alright. But at other times too a helping hand was offered aided by technology and such efforts are more than  noticeable.Like in Facebook, I keep coming across some altruistic groups who not only gather people and make online communities for different causes but also Raise money for charity ! So they almost work like Virtual NGOs. 

As much as I feel sad about the people who lost their family members, from the medium of this write up I also want  thank all those people involved in the good work from wherever and however possible. If you the reader were also the one who helped, Thank you ! 

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