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Friday, July 15, 2011

Valentina !!

Just a few hours back , I was writing about the variety of Human psyche . Now I came across an amazing story that I could not miss because it showed the positive side of Human psyche. While there are some who are busy with the work of destruction, there are others who indulge into such Humane behaviors that no amount of thank you in enough for them ! That also reminds of the story of tiger and Tim, these are exactly the kind of people that  Tim was referring to in his conversation with the Tiger.

Getting to the point, some gentle human beings were in the seas of Mexico when they came across a Humpback whale who appeared to be dead. Then they realized that the Whale (whom they called Valentina, since this was on Valentine's day 2011) was not dead but was entangled in a fishing net put by some people obviously on the other side of the human psyche continuum ! Now they had the task to free her from the highly entangled fishing net as soon as possible, but all they had was a small knife as a tool. They had the whole thing filmed, and I have provided that video below. You can see the whole story of the rescue of Valentina. The reward of this hard and dangerous work came at the end when they actually saw Valentina celebrating her new Life and freedom ! What real Joy was that to me too, and I am sure you will love watching her jumping high in waters. Truly,Valentina proved that life and freedom are absolutely priceless !!!

And by the way, the people who helped Valentina save her life were no Ordinary people. They are from an organisation called "Great Whale Conservancy" . So they are continuously working towards saving the whale population. The co- founder of this organisation Michael Fishbach was also involved in this rescue, thank you all you great men and women !

People who like to "HEAR" the "famous singing" of these majestic creatures can use this link to the National geographic.

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