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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Birds Walk

Last year I had been to Chapel hill in North Carolina. My husband had a conference there, and I decided to fly along with him. As always I kept clicking at every other thing that caught my interest and attention in the hopes that I might just catch something very nice. My efforts paid, when I was sitting outside the Radission Hotel one day, in the research triangle park.
It was a huge green area, as we know Chapel Hill is very green ! and I saw a flock of geese there. I was watching them and taking pictures when I was highly impressed by their behavior. They all formed one line and started walking in one direction behind each other !!! 

 I wondered has it got to do with the famous "goose walk/goose step" ?  I am not an expert in Bird behavior or Geese behavior of that matter, I tried searching but did not find much. If you the reader, have something to share with the others please do put in the comments.

You can have a look at the video below and enjoy.Also try to decipher what does it say ? Does it say, "listen men ! We are somewhat more intelligent than you you think. We have our own rules !" ?

PS :The video quality is not great but it is just 01:12 long.

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