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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mistakes we make....

As human beings we all make mistakes. When we look back at life, we realize that
some mistakes we made were more serious than some others. 

It is only human to make mistakes... It  takes a "growing mature human"  to acknowledge those mistakes and accept them at the intellectual and emotional level.  

Some people prefer to hide the mistakes they make from their younger ones , even from themselves by denying ("Denial" is a defense mechanism that all human beings use, this use is reduced in some mature human beings).

But human beings tend to take for granted that : 

1.  Truth will always come out in one way or the other

2.  They are constantly setting example for their young one's by how they choose to live their life.

3. Even if we hide it/deny it,  out behavior has and will always have an effect on out personality, it is better that we acknowledge the facts and change the course of life towards having a clear (er) conscience...

Yes,  when we are not used to doing this, it seems obviously a difficult job. But it is very important that by doing the right behavior we set an example for those are younger to us, specially our direct descedents.

To err is human; to forgive, divine.
Alexander Pope

PS : I have posted the pics in both English and Hindi ,
the two languages I seem to know the best :)

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