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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Intelligence and Wisdom !!

"Wisdom"  is a concept that is often (Wrongly) associated with age.  For if you notice, you will always find dumb people in all age groups  :)  Wisdom is also something that few seem to really "Seek" today.

Parents want their children to be intelligent and very intelligent. Many parents even proudly declare this in their social circles.

                             "My child is very intelligent"

The reason behind this may be that in today's highly competitive world, intelligence and more intelligence is what is required to get a simple secure job, to have a modestly decent life.  Wisdom does not "seem" to give any major advantages. I mean, people will not seek wisdom until they achieve a basic stability in life. And what happens after that ?  After gaining the stability, people are usually lost in maintaining it. Therefore, they have to deal with politics in home and work place, own a home, pay the bills, keep the partner happy, make a secure future for the children and so on...........

Our society today promotes us to gain more material things than internal things. Wisdom is lost !!  And the reasons are natural..."stress".

In these situations one might often think

                   "But  life is going good...then why should one seek Wisdom ??"

 Wisdom can be a natural shield against stress and competition. Read on the following article to grasp as to why, you "must"  draw your attention towards achieving wisdom. I am drawing some points here for further thought :

1. Intelligence is mostly involuntary...
 But wisdom will not come without active "seeking".

2. Intelligence can give you a necessary thing "Income" and other things like fame, money, power

     But Wisdom will give you something after which, all the above will sound almost redundant and funny.  :)

3. Intelligence and the things that it can bring with it can be all lost with time....
    For Example :  with aging mental faculties might show a decrease.

    Wisdom on the other hand.. only and only increases with time.  If you begin with it young, by the time you are old, you should be able to pass it on to the others....And you will not die a poor person, you will die richer   :)

4. Intelligence cannot be shared with anyone
    Wisdom on the other hand,  Multiplies and brings even more joy when encouraged in others ...

5.Wisdom will give you "something"  that is going to bring you the ultimate Joy, eternal bliss.  Once you have wisdom, you do not need to " depend " upon  anything External, like:- expensive cars, expensive homes, expensive clothing, smart phones, i-pads and other of such devices, Alcohol and drugs, the opposite sex....and anything else that you can think of.. that is external and which is not a part of  "you".

Abundance of Eternal bliss (which is hidden somewhere inside) will spring from the inside of you. and you will not have to "depend" on anything outside  !!!   How Amazing it sounds to me !!!!

So I think considering all of the above and more points that I may not have mentioned here...
It is time, that we begin to "Dig"  within our self .. so that we can find that ultimate jewel box  hidden inside of us. 

This Dig is going to be long., testing and full of hurdles though. Nothing in this world comes for free.

PS:  This  and This are excellent articles on this concept. Both will tell you about the dangers of Intelligence. After you read them come back here and read about the benefits of wisdom !!

Cheers !!  :) 

Thank you Google, for help with the images  :)

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