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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Tiger in the woods...

My friend Tim shared with me this conversation that he recently had with a tiger in the woods. Tim had forgotten to take a weapon and got lost in a jungle.They both were trying to reach a conclusion through this dialogue. I thought of sharing it over here with all, just so that all mature humans can consider both perspectives :

Tiger : (finding Tim) Looks like I am going to have a feast today !

Tim :  Oh no no, please let me go, I have a family. Besides look I am here without a weapon. I wasn't here to kill anyone.

Tiger: Do you think I am fool ? You human beings do not even spare each other, how do I believe you had plans to spare us incase you came face to face with one of us. You must have forgotten the gun at home. I know your brothers have been killing my brothers mercilessly many times for joy and sometimes for fear. We only kill for need not for greed ! Last month alone two of my brothers were burnt alive and my sister was beaten to death in your community !

Tim : Dont you see, they should have not come to our place, We get scared to death in your presence, and we have the right to defend our families and friends. (Tim easily evades the answer to hunting).

Tiger : And why do you think they had gone to your place ?? Certainly not to have a feast with you ! You humans destroyed our home...if you do that, where do we go ? Left with no choice for shelter or  food sometimes, some of us wander away to Unsafe places... just like you have wandered today. Given the superior brains that you guys have,and the ability to plan and progress,  wouldn't it be good that you help us instead of killing our families ? Do you not feel the slightest of guilt for what you do ?

Tim : not all Humans are so insensitive. There are some who are enough God fearing to let you be safe while also taking care of their community. There are many in my community who are involved in helping animals. The news about "Saving Tiger" is now making rounds in human communities.Don't you know a about it ?

Tiger : Yes I know there are some who have dedicated their life to us too (indirectly it benefits the humans too). But we are still being killed for the reasons but GREED - taste, hobby, what you call a sport, commerce and what not ! Why should I spare you ??

Tim : If you kill me, tomorrow this will be the news ! And your community will get a bad name. Think about it.

Tiger : I know, if we kill for  hunger which is a need, we get a bad name and if you kill for greed, that is justified. Just because we Do not have a voice, money, fame or Vote, do we deserve this injustice ? We still have emotions, we are still capable of feeling hurt.
When you kill our babies in front of our eyes, CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT WE GO THROUGH. I am not referring to any isolated cases...your people do this on a regular basis !

TIM : Oh Tiger, I know there are lots of Unethical behaviors that my community does on a regular basis to your animal community  (and to human community itself). But believe me, I knew about  hunting for food and pleasure but I wasn't really aware of the other things that you mentioned ! Killing babies in front of mothers ! GOSH !

Tiger : Okay, I can believe you on that, no don't get surprised !  I know since we do not have a voice, there are few to whom this thought would occur. The welfare of animals is anyways something most of you people looked down upon, as something not as necessary.

With all this talk, I now feel depressed thinking about my lost friends and family. I spare you ! GO Away, leave us alone in our little home. WE DO NOT ASK FOR MUCH. Just the right to live with Dignity.

TIM : We humans are so lost in worrying about our life or partying that we seldom think about the consequences of our actions on this world that we live in. Look, I have been used to eating animals and hunting  since childhood. Today as I came across you, needless to say for the first time in my life, I AM GETTING AN INSIGHT  as to really how mature and intelligent animals can be !

This experience has changed me as a person for ever !

Tiger : Now that's what we call  true HUMAN ABILITY. We know you guys alone are capable of HIGH LEVEL THINKING, and no one can change the world the way you can. But you simply don't make the full use of your potential. I am glad you at least think that this experience changed you. See if you can pass this information to others. YOU WILL DO A GREAT FAVOR TO MOTHER EARTH.

Tim : Tiger friend, do you know we have a huge organisation of international fame called "United nations". I heard they have reported saying that our non-veg diet is ONE MAJOR CAUSE OF GLOBAL WARMING. Now when I go back to my home, I will make it a point to spread the word around and may be even join some other people who are trying to do some good to the world.

Tiger : Okay then, I will go my way..

Tim an Tiger both go away their ways, none ditches the other's trust :)  

Image Courtesy :  World Of

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